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Cobalt WASD


Oxeye Game Studio is based in Stockholm, Sweden. We make games! :)



Oxeye Game Studio was founded 2004 in Lund, Sweden, by Jens Bergensten, Daniel Brynolf, Alexander Persson, Daniel Estephan, Jacob Kindstedt and Jonas Johnsson. As of 2017 the studio consists of Jens Bergensten, Daniel Brynolf and Pontus Hammarberg and is based in Stockholm, Sweden.


In 2004 we started the development of our own engine called “Daisy”. Daisy started its life as an adaption of the open source engine “Irrlicht” (version 0.7) modified to suit our needs, the largest task being adding the support for the development of 2D games.

After the release of “Harvest Massive Encounter” we added Lua support to Daisy to be able to create mods for the game. This evolved into a prototyping engine named “DaisyMoon”, which quickly became a full fledged Lua based game engine of its own.

Today, we use DaisyMoon in all of our development. Even though our game Cobalt and its spinoff Cobalt WASD runs on Autodesk’s Stingray engine, the core development of the games and the associated editors still use DaisyMoon.



Strategist is a story driven, turn based strategy game and was Oxeye’s first release. The IP was sold and the game is therefore no longer supported by Oxeye or available for purchase.

Dawn Of Daria

Dawn Of Daria was a “MMOFL” (an online, massively multiplayer, fantasy life) inspired by “Whispers In Akarra”, a game founded by Jens Bergensten before the inception of Oxeye and also the meeting ground for him, Daniel Brynolf and Pontus Hammarberg. The goal of Dawn Of Daria was to focus on the experience of the game, where number crunching took a backseat to roleplaying. The game was discontinued due to the scope being too large for the studio at the time.

Harvest: Massive Encounter

Harvest Massive Encounter is an RTS with tower defence elements and unique resource management mechanics. An early prototype of the game won 2nd place at the 2007 Swedish Game Awards, which led to the development and release of the full game in 2008. The game focuses on base building and is known for the absurd amount of enemies the player has to fend off.


Cobalt is an action oriented 2D platformer featuring cute little cyborgs running and fighting in local multiplayer, online and in an extensive story mode. The game started as a re-imagining of a prototype developed by Daniel Brynolf but saw several major changes of direction during its long development phase. Cobalt also lay the grounds for the co-operation and friendship between Oxeye Game Studio and Mojang AB.

Cobalt WASD

Cobalt WASD is a reimagining of Cobalt, with a single gamemode focused on competitive multiplayer action. To learn more, visit the press page of Cobalt WASD.


Because It’s Fun Fay

Platformer with two characters, each with the world rotated 90 degrees in respect to the other. JRPG-style boss fight at the end.


Demake of Fallout. Made for the TIGSource demake competition.

House Globe

2D RTS set in space. Demake of Home World made for the TIGSource demake competition.

Jet Engine Nights

Multiplayer 2D sidescrolling dogfighting game inspired by 80’s movie tropes (read Top Gun). Controlled with mouse only.

Horror Tacticts

A tactical “move’em’up” inspired by Games Workshop Space Hulk board game.

Agatha Ragata

Story driven platformer with levels designed around their respective bosses’ abilities. After beating a boss, the player would receive the boss’ unique ability/item in the same vein as Megaman. The game also featured a world rotation mechanique.

TIG Duels

One button versus fencing game featuring users of the TIGSource community.

Fists of Resistance

Beat’em up dungeon crawler set in Nazi Germany made at Mojam 2012.


Sidescrolling dogfighter where the objective is to eliminate the opposing sides base.

Healing Date

VS/Co-op shoot’em up made for the Games Against Ebola game jam.


RPG designed for short playtime set in a procedurally generated world. Made for the 2016 Block Jam.

Bizarre Heat

A “not game” made at No More Sweden 2009. Walk through the desert and fight the urge to shoot yourself.

Dubai Grand Prix Scandal

Local multiplayer moonlander inspired game made at No More Sweden 2010.


Drug producer game with bacterial growth simulation, genetic manipulation and simulated BBS trading. Made at No More Sweden 2011.


One button local multiplayer game. Made at No More Sweden 2012.

The Boson

Two button local multiplayer space dogfighter with gravity effects and maps with specialized rulesets. Made at No More Sweden 2013.

No More Dancing

A musical “not game” made at No More Sweden 2017.




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